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Butler gets kicked out of Jetboy on the show. Good Times.


  anonymous wrote @ November 4th, 2009 at 11:28 pm

B: All this happened after exactly the same after the M3. I get a call from you when I’m on vacation after M3 when we’ve kicked ass–we were probably the second most well-received band on that entire festival–and I get a call from you saying that you and Billy have decided that there will be no drinking in any band business. After we just had a great gig, you start laying down the law, which is the exact same thing that fucking happened after the Alice Cooper gig and its fucking bullshit power trip. We should be enjoying ourselves and having a fucking good time playing rock and roll!
F: Wow, well, um, yeah. I think if you–
B: Yeah.
F: Well I think if you’re in a cover band, and you guys, and you get together with your buddies like the Butlers, where it’s like–
B: Go ahead, go ahead.
F: Wait a minute. So you have a show–
B: Here’s condescending Fern. Go ahead condescending Fern.
F: No, no, I’m agreeing with you.
B: In my little cover band. Go ahead.
F: What’s a cover band, you guys are doing covers?
B: Well this “professional band” just lost its drummer due to you guys’ laying down the law and all the rules.
F: Well, uh that’s true.
B: And you’re getting ready to lose a bass player.
F: Well, unfortunately, see, Doug, Doug has, there’s two sides to Doug.
B: Did you hear what I said? Are you glad Doug quit?
F: Am I glad that Doug quit?
B: Yeah, are you glad that Doug’s out of the band?
F: Yeah, definitely.
B: I’m not.
F: I’m sorry that you feel that way. I’m very happy because he was a time bomb. Unfortunately–
B: And I’m a time bomb too, Fern, aren’t I?
F: Uh, you’re different. You have–
B: Maybe you’ll be glad when I’m out of the band, too.
F: You’re different. Yeah, well yeah. I mean, I mean, I mean. To start, you know, to continue forward, I mean, I think it’s pretty much, well, it’s pretty much. Yeah, I mean, actually, yeah, you’re not in JetBoy.
B: Exactly.
F: Yeah. Yeah, you’re out.
B: There you go.
F: Absolutely.
B: I’m out of the band. So I’m kicked out of the band.
F: Well you’re being “let go.”
B: Okay, I will be there Thursday to get my gear. You heard it here first, folks.
F: Yeah, unfortunately, it’s the probably, it’s for the best for–
B: Yeah it probably is.
F: Yeah, so unfortunately, yeah, you’re not in the band anymore.

  The Paranoid Squirrel ep 121 | The Ass of Rock wrote @ November 7th, 2009 at 4:14 am

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