Good Clean Mile High Discharge

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Pre-Show – Satans Blood and Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers
Butler’s Washington trip for the ‘On The Record Online ‘ Podcast. Then a discussion about Butler’s band ‘The Butlers ‘ awesome gig at Ill Pirato (San Francisco) with Featherwitch . Social Media Consulting – A discussion. Michael Butler’s Scatological, Fecal, and Immodium obsessions causes Jasper to leave the room. Listener Audio Comments. Beer Review with Jerry the Metal Guy – Shiner Holiday Cheer. Stryper ‘s sold out Sydney Australia show. Jasper and Butler ponder the merits of a christian metal band such as Stryper. Butler dirties their image by sharing some dirt on the band from their early touring days. Emo Girl Martina Butler stops by to vent about her non-viewing of a pre-screening of Paranormal Activity 2 thanks to a thoughtless brainless girlfriend. Then the discussion moves on to to Justin Bieber , heart breaking Justin Bieber lookalike, Dexter – Julia Stiles , and the similarities between Dexter and Batman . Butler suggests it as a topic for a college thesis. Jasper gives a shout out to Radiohead , Michael Butler would rather commit suicide.
Music – Nazareth, UFO, Ramones, David Bowie

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