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Major delay to the show because of a 2 hour power outage in SF. Jasper and Butler scramble to catch up – talk Ted Nugent, his conquests, other rock stories, live bootlegs, Christmas gifts, Beef Jerky producers and sellers. Using podcasts to promote food products and using a food dehydrator to prepare for the zombie holocaust. Butler speaks about his new tattoo – A Yellow Rose. The guys discuss movies. Rare Exports – Finnish Horror movie released for Christmas viewed by the Butler family. True Grit remake by the Coen Bros. Tron, The Social Network, The Big Lebowski, Zodiac, Alien 3, Inception, Black Swan, Requiem for a Dream. Butler talks about The Tubes upcoming gig at Yoshis, San Francisco. Technology & Venture Capitalists – Iphone apps, tablet computers, Social media, trends and fads in the business.
Music – Cheap Trick

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