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Jasper speaks about attending the first day of SXSW – the long lines, the free booze, the give-aways, the dominance of technology advertisers there, 100 dollar headphones ( ), music skins ( …Butler chimes in about the insanity of the topic SXSW on Twitter , Impossible keeping up with updates. Opening Butlers Mail – old fashioned vinyl records that came in all the way from Italy ( ). Walter Lure – Live in Berlin is one of them.For the kids, Walter of Johny Thunders & the Heartbreakers fame. EMI ( ) has mailed in a bunch of CD’s too, Butler doesnt like any of them. Some hate mail. 20 tips you must know before SXSW 2011. Beer review by Jerry the Metal Guy – Scrimshaw from Fort Bragg, California. Butler’s adventures in a VA Hospital. Then some thoughts and a track by track of the new Michael Monroe album – Sensory Overdrive which is fantastic and a grower. Shades of Wildhearts and Hanoi Rocks and an appearance by Lucinda Williams to boot. Michael Butler would like to thank MonkeyBeat ( ) for mailing him some rare CD’s. Playing bass guitar – Sloppy or in the pocket, pick or fingers, fly thru the air or stare at your shoes, should Michael Butler be in the Michael Monroe band with Ginger ? The Strokes vs Michael Monroe – Who can save Rock & Roll? Butler and Jasper speak about the events and artists they are looking forward to – Brigitte West, Joey Kramer, Screeching Weasel, Devil Dolls…and wonder if it is turning into an indie hipster festival.

Music – Thin Lizzy, Lester & the Landslide Ladies, Michael Monroe

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