Good Clean Wedding DJ

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Comics, Animation, Anime and finding it all online for free via torrents. Talk drifts to Comic nerds, Comic-Con, washed up celebrities, Caddyshack , paying for autographs, Toxic chemicals, gasoline spills, 30 Beers A Day at SXSW, gourmet cupcakes, Texas Barbecues, Californication the TV Show – awesome or crap. The talk then degenerates into a long painful meditation on diarrhea, Immodium, fecal accidents and other vomit-inducing anecdotes. Beer review by Jerry the Metal Guy – Trois Pistole Ale from Canada ( ). Alexandra Wallace , former UCLA student ranting on Asians – Butler plays the audio and deems it not that offensive, Stupid but not really offensive. Jasper says Alexandra reminds him of his EX, then talks about being a wedding DJ.
Music – Nazareth, The Ramones
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Love, Jasper and Mike.

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