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Butler’s dream barbecue with Ted Nugent 🙂 Relic, Road-Worn Guitars, Billy’s Guitar Company – and his awesome guitars. Bon Scott’s (AC/DC ) band – The Valentines and Coca-Cola. Audio Comments by Billy the Sea. Iphone case bottle opener – genius or just plain dumb? Butler pays homage to Ted Nugent’s skills as a guitar player. Jasper sells out and goes corporate. Opening Butler’s mail – CD’s from Columbia Records and EMI. Howlin Rain produced by Rick Rubin , Eliza Doolittle, DJ Danger Mouse – Homage to Classic Italian films, Beastie Boys – Hot Sauce Comm II. Osama Bin Laden – Is it politically incorrect to impersonate him for comedy? Watch Celebrity Crush on this Friday the 6th to find out. Beer Review by Jerry the Metal Guy – Widmer Hefeweizen (American Pale Wheat Ale) from Widmer Brothers Brewing Company in Portland, OR. Walmart Sucks!!! So do the clothes at Old Navy. The Romantics vs The Ramones – Whats the difference? Jasper speaks about his days as a wedding DJ and endorses the re-issues of The Go-Go’s records and recommends them as a killer live act. Butler wants to do a classic albums revisited about Beauty & The Beat released in 1981. Jasper mentions the Motley Crue , Poison , New York Dolls show, Butler mentions Def Leppard headlining the Download Festival with (a reunited) The Darkness as openers.
Music – Dwarves, Nazareth, Bob Segar, Alice Cooper, Ron Wood, The Faces, The Bellrays.

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