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t’s the third anniversary of Good Clean Fun. Butler reminisces about his days in Stevie Stiletto . Then the two indulge in Scatology, A GCF topic staple. Loved by some and hated by most. Jasper speaks about the products at Old Navy

notably flip flops and how uncomfortable they are to wear. Eddie Van Halen has his own pair of flip flops with the Frankenstein graphic on them. Is that gay or just a harmless cash in? Is it possible to patent a generic graphic wonders Jasper? Butler speaks about Glass Door Dot Com as website to research companies and salaries. He speaks about time tested rules to become indispensable in any job and work environment. The talk moves on the new Foo Fighters covers album Medium Rare . Several tracks have been floating around the net and radio for a while now and it earns an endorsement from the two hosts. Butler praises Dave Grohl’ s singing on some of the songs, Jasper commends the choice of songs. Scott Weiland ‘s (Stone Temple Pilots, Velvet Revolver ) appearance on the Howard Stern show where he compares himself to David Bowie and Mick Jagger and about his new covers album. Scott Weiland is confused about the David Bowie covers album. He tells Howard it’s Diamond Dogs but it really is Pinups . What a poseur and a douche bag that Scott Weiland!!! This inspires a track by track of the Pin-Ups and Diamond Dog albums by David Bowie. Jasper speaks about the lost art of great album cover art. How great were covers in the 70s, 80s and prior. Butler digs into his vinyl collection and pulls out a few David Bowie albums to demonstrate. Beer review by Jerry the Metal Guy – Red Hook Pilsner from Seattle.

Music – Zeke, Foo Fighters, David Bowie, P-Hux

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