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The Featherwitch wedding gig – Butler speaks about it in some detail. Opening Butler’s mail – Mary Carey pocket pussy – Butler offers a demonstration for the live Ustream ( ) audience. Jasper speaks about the return of True Blood . Will it suck like last season or will it be good? The hosts give it three episodes to form an opinion. Jasper is sure that Dexter will be great when it returns. Butler wonders how long Dexter will go on. Six seasons like The Sopranos or more? The upcoming tours of 2011, Warped line-up, Ipad apps, Comic Con 2011, Lou Gossett Jr , the awesome notes taking app on Ipad. Jasper speaks about torrent sites for bootleg and offical concerts. The pre-show was a Def Leppard performance from 1983 and Jasper found it at The Traders Den. Is Dan McCafferty the best singer in rock? Or is it Michael Monroe ? What about Robin Zander ? Butler plays a few tracks from his album of 2011 – Big Dogz by Nazareth ( ) Recorded using vintage equipment directly to analog tape. Butler challenges listeners to critique the quality of the sounds on this record. How much did Axl Rose steal from Dan McCafferty? Butler wonders. Jasper thinks that Axl had his time. Why are rock stars so petty? Why do they bad mouth bands they break up with and then reform/reunite with? Paul Stanley vs the New York Dolls , Jesse Malin and D-Generation , Nikki Sixx and Poison , Ginger leaving the Michael Monroe band. Why cant Ginger be a side man? Jasper bemoans Ginger’s stupidity. Butler confesses that inspite his major talents, Ginger has an ego that does not help him artistically. He may not have a practical side that would make him famous. With his skills, he should be major songwriter for major artists in many genres. Teenagedom and Car Wrecks – Butler takes a trip down memory lane. Beer review by Jerry the Metal Guy – Drifter Pale Ale ( )  Jasper & Butler wish Scantronbot a speedy recovery from his car accident.
Music – Aerosmith, Pat Boone, Nazareth, Michael Monroe
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