Good Clean Fun Is Way Overrated

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Here is what you  would’ve heard had the audio file not been corrupted:

Jasper speaks about the bittersweet experience of selling a long held guitar – BC Rich Mockingbird. Made in the USA! Butler questions whether pocket pussies are mass produced with scale perfect porn star vagina’s or in just a generic style. Could you tell the difference? The talks moves onto Florida and corporate owned stores. Butler confesses he doesnt see Walmart as any more evil than any other large chain. Jasper speaks about the joy of being employee of the month at Old Navy. The talk shifts back to the wonderful fishing in Florida, and all the strange restrictions that go with it. White skinned grunt fish, fishermen throw it away or use it as bait in Florida. Michael Butler recommends cooking them – mild white meat fish that tastes good with anything. The new Jetboy line-up and Lita Ford’s divorce. Butler speaks about his follow up interview with author Roxana Shirazi and her forthcoming visit to San Francisco. Beer of the week review by Jerry the Metal Guy – Redhook Pilsner The talk moves on to topics too personal to reveal in the show notes. Listen to the show and find out for yourself in the second half of the show. Back to grown up topics – Butler speaks about the pay scales in various mass retail chains. Butler shows off his newly acquired Ipad. The talks moves on to Ipad apps, superhero flicks, torrent sites, comic book readers and a short history of the comic books the hosts love.

Music – Iron Maiden, D-Generation, Nazareth, Ozzy doing King Crimson, Prima Donna.

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