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Jasper and Butler bemoan the constants ads on ustream and wonder if they are going to have to change providors for the live show. Butler’s dream date is to have a debate with Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots to demonstrate his knowledge of David Bowie and kick his ass after. Cheap Trick returns to San Francisco after many many years opening for guess who? The show is arranged and sponsored by a local SF station – and it is at the park. Butler raves about the T&A in the comeback episode of True Blood . Particularly Indian-Dutch actress Janina Gavankar . She is very hot and her nude scenes can be located online for separate viewing. Jasper speaks about dubbed porn movies and how lame it all is. Butler speaks about the awesomeness of Queen and Brian May’s majestic guitar tone, Jasper dissents. Emo Girl Martina Butler stops by to speak about the comeback of True Blood and three speak in great detail. Butler concludes that the werewolf storyline is gay. Jasper does not care for the comeback, Martina is enthusiastic about episode three. Super & Kick-Ass the movies, do they compare? The discussion shifts to vampire movies vs zombie movies. Butler shows off his Ipad to speak about the sketches/skits he has been developing for Mevio. Opening Butler’s mail – Michael gets a bunch of CD’s from EMI records. Jasper speaks about his affection for LA Guns and how much he has learned from Traci Guns. Butler remembers a bunch of stories about the band and the times he spent with Mick Cripps.
Music – Soft Boys covering Circle Jerks, David Bowie, Queen, Michelle Branch, LA Guns
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