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Good Clean Drunk Driving Tips

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Which interview excited Michael Butler the most? Was it Ted Nugent, Angry Anderson of Rose Tattoo, Dee Snider, UFO, the guys from Nazareth, Who? Butler speaks about his new purchase – a Cherry Hagstrom Swede bass ( ). Jasper chimes in and speaks about buying musical gear in general. Active vs Passive Pick-Ups for Bass Guitars – Butler wonders. The talk moves to Jasper’s 37th birthday bash. TV Shows – Weeds, True Blood, Game of Thrones. Which one makes you a dumber person? Netflix – their streaming service and other things. Beer review by Jerry the Metal Guy – Ace Apple Hard Cider ( ). Another beer review by the drunk Jeremiah – Butler explains how you can escape getting pulled over for drunk driving. Rule No. 1 – Do not drive thru alleys. Jasper explains how he mourns when folks who leave audio comments do not name drop him. Emo Girl Martina Butler stops by to speak about the latest episode of True Blood. Movies, The Final Destination series and the upcoming flick, The True Blood novels vs the TV Show, marketing and social networking – The trio discuss.

Music – Queen, Screeching Weasel, Ted Nugent, D-Generation, Iggy Pop.

Good Clean Jasper’s High Horse

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