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Sex Talk – Vibrating panties. Fun Fun Fun Fest ( ) Suzi Quattro, Bebe Beull’s ( upcoming album ‘Sugar’. Spotify in the US. The reunion of Anthrax with Joey Belladonna. Jasper’s lack of self confidence. If someone is winding you up it means they like you so says Butler. Email from Danny Borden. People on youtube with pacifiers, vampire porn, zombies. Flush The Fashion (1981) Alice Cooper’s underrated New Wave album. Emo Girl Martina Butler stops by to speak about her 4 am internship at 997 Radio ( ) Jasper bemoans the conformism of mainstream radio. Request hours are a hoax, the playlist is a software program. But Jackie Hollywood’s Weekend Hitlist is da bomb ( ). All you Emo Girl fans out there – Martina Butler crosses the PG-13 threshold and actually swears on this show and kicks some Borgman butt. Douchebag clip of the week featuring Jasper Borgman. Fernando the Cabana Boy and Greg the Poolboy – The most popular show on 997now radio – The Crew Dissect. True Blood gets more confusing, lame and stupid. Do Sluts deserve respect? Shark Night 3D – The movie event of 2011. Beer review with Jerry the Metal Guy – A Bonus on the Iphone App.

Music – Alice Cooper, Riverboat Gamblers.

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