Good Clean Obese Psychic

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Hex Dispensers – Jasper plugs a high school band. Zinc, coconut water and L-Arginin – Butler talks about nutrients. Hiring practices at retailers –¬†ageism, credit checks, background checks and more speculation. Science experiments with sex organs. Do hot chicks really tune in for Jasper’s sex talk? How do you increase the viscosity and density of your sperm to plaster your walls – Butler ruminates. The new Netflix aka Qwikster – How is it? Beer review with Jerry the Metal Guy – Flying Dog ( Woody Creek Weiss Belgian Style Wheat beer ( Emo Girl Martina Butler gate crashes the room to offer Jasper some advice on marital bliss and spousal fidelity, physical boundaries with friends and other good stuff. Butler calls a real psychic live on the show ( The segment is an hour long. Was this a good segment or Morning Zoo Douchebaggery?

Music – The Biters, J.Geils Band, Screeching Weasel.

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