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Return To The Planet of Good Clean Fun 2011

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After a long long time, the hosts have a heart to heart and indulge in some man on man love. The Rock & Roll Geek Show is the longest running podcast in history and should be in the Guinness Book of World Records. Jasper speaks about the frustration when interviewing for well paying jobs. But he endorses the music of Electric Six and recommends them as a live act. Butler speaks about the active live schedule of The Butlers and FeatherWitch and their upcoming gig with Judas Priest and Thin Lizzy at the Concord Pavilion. Butler name drops D-Generation after checking out their awesome live show with Michael Monroe. Band Stories – Jasper and Butler share a few. A long discussion ensues about bands still on major labels. Jasper applauds the song writing skills of The BitersSouth By Southwest – Does it change the way bands do their live shows? Is it the competition? Beer review with Jerry the Metal Guy – Flying Dog Woody Creek Weiss Belgian style beer People who move to Los Angeles in search of fame turn into douchebags or pornstars. heart2heart – the new project by Lance Bass of N’Sync. Why did this come up on Good Clean Fun? Listen to find out. Are words understood differently by men and women? Butler sheds some light on the topic based on personal experience. The talk moves on to TV show Dexter and Emo Girl Martina Butler makes an emotional appearance.

Music – Nazareth, D-Generation, Riverboat Gamblers, The Descendants.

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