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Good Clean Love Test

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Butler’s impending divorce. Or Not! Danzig and Murder City Devils perform at the FunFunFun Fest Austin music festival, Jasper attends. We listen to some of the programming on Mevio . Good Cop Bad Cop – The two critique some of the shows on Mevio. Podcasters who complain too much.

The business plan that makes no money – the master explains by reading a long online thread written by professionals. Jasper speaks about business 101 The Butlers played the side stage at The Bone Bash with Judas Priest , Thin Lizzy , Black Label Society . Beer review by Jerry the Metal GuyGuinness Black Lager . 17 year old sick cat shits in the girlfriend’s shoes and boyfriend cleans it – A story of True Love. Butler suggests a new segment for the show – What would you do for love? How far would you go and indulge in sick sexuality and nastiness to please her? Email your feedback to Butler or Jasper or call in at 706-621-ROCK. Dexter , The Walking Dead , American Horror Story – all better shows than True Blood. Jasper rates Dexter the best of all. Differences between the Walking Dead comic book series and the TV show. Butler confesses his love for the zombie genre. Jasper expounds some personal theories about Dexter story-lines and plot points. And the parallels with Fight Club and Batman . Would you do a woman with a tramp stamp ? Butler wants to know.

Music – The Darkness , The Cult , Towers of London , Vain , High Tension Wires , Anthrax .
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