Good Clean Fun Has Risen From The Grave

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Train Wreck Start – Scooter and the Gouche get back together after 4 mos. Jasper discusses the bands coming to Austin – Tesla, Def Leppard, Cheap Trick, Scorpions. His love of early Tesla. Songwriter Desmond Child and the hits he wrote. Jasper expands on his thoughts on Texas. Michael explains his frustrations with The Walking Dead TV Show – not enough zombies. Cameo by Emo Girl Martina Butler and her trip to Disney. Jasper’s 80s rock knowledge gets tested by the chat room. Who really started the unplugged phenomenon – was it Tesla,Bon Jovi or Eric Clapton? Personal stories, girl troubles – Butler & Jasper. Van Halen – Is theirs the most successful tour of the year? The other package tours – Kiss, Motley Crue, Aerosmith, Poison are struggling to sell tickets while Van Halen keeps selling out. Jasper caught them at Michigan and recommends catching them live even if you have to buy tickets in black. Beer of the week with Jerry the Metal Guy – Pabst Blue Ribbon. The new Jack White album Blunderbuss – Butler and Jasper share their views on the artist. Tumblr – a mecca of pornography – amateur or otherwise.

Music – Ace Frehley, Joey Ramone, Tesla, Alice Cooper.

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