Good Clean New Year 2014

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After a long break, Jasper and The Rock & Roll Geek — Michael Butler stage a comeback to ring in the New Year. The rip-off that is New Year’s Eve parties. Therefore the hosts lack of any plans for the same. But what about New Year’s podcasting, is it a labor of love, should it be a paying gig? Dexter season closing episodes – How bad were they? Bad script, bad dialogues, bad characters, show written for dumb viewers perhaps – what was it? The parallels between Eddie & the Cruisers and Dexter. The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad. Jasper’s favourite Christmas gifts – Boo%s. Butler’s spectacle jinx and blindness. Rick Springfield effing Butler up the A$$ – Is Butler gay for Rick Springfield? Jake E Lee Red Dragon Cartel, Winery Dogs. The albums of 2013 – The best and the worst. Michael Monroe – Horns and Halos, the favourite of the year. The underrated gem that is the self titled Cheap Trick release from 1997. Trivia – the label went bankrupt three weeks after it’s release. Cheap Talk with trickchat spun off from podkissed podcast – a discussion. Butler’s new found love for guns and hunting. The solitude and serenity of deer hunting and the intoxicating aroma of wild boar piss. Butler defends the Lou Reed Metallica collaboration.

Music – Wyldlife, Grease Helmet, Cheap Trick, Michael Monroe & Ginger Wildheart, Brijitte West,┬áHardcore Superstar

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