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Campy superhero TV shows, comics, and more. The Venture Bros – Butler opines that it is too cool for its own good. Ustream vs Google Hangouts – Which format should be adopted by Good Clean Fun? Please let the hosts know via email. Butler recommends Dave Slusher ( show – Evil Genius Chronicles and his other show – Reality Break. Comic book characters, themes – a discussion. The art of sausage making starring Michael Butler. If you have never had home made sausages, you have not lived the life. Gobal Warming – Is It A Hoax? Provocative questions that need answers. Red Dragon Cartel – a shout out and a possible future track by track. The Dead Daisies – Butler and Jasper discuss. Supergroup – the reality show with Sebastian Bach and Ted Nugent. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame – why havent Ted Nugent and Cheap Trick been inducted? Butler’s new found respect for Axl Rose and Jasper’s retelling of a Sebastian Bach interview with Adam Corolla. Future job prospects and business opportunities. What is handmade with love in San Francisco, gluten free, and rich in anti oxidants.


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