Good Clean Fun Has Risen From The Grave

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Train Wreck Start – Scooter and the Gouche get back together after 4 mos. Jasper discusses the bands coming to Austin – Tesla, Def Leppard, Cheap Trick, Scorpions. His love of early Tesla. Songwriter Desmond Child and the hits he wrote. Jasper expands on his thoughts on Texas. Michael explains his frustrations with The Walking Dead TV Show – not enough zombies. Cameo by Emo Girl Martina Butler and her trip to Disney. Jasper’s 80s rock knowledge gets tested by the chat room. Who really started the unplugged phenomenon – was it Tesla,Bon Jovi or Eric Clapton? Personal stories, girl troubles – Butler & Jasper. Van Halen – Is theirs the most successful tour of the year? The other package tours – Kiss, Motley Crue, Aerosmith, Poison are struggling to sell tickets while Van Halen keeps selling out. Jasper caught them at Michigan and recommends catching them live even if you have to buy tickets in black. Beer of the week with Jerry the Metal Guy – Pabst Blue Ribbon. The new Jack White album Blunderbuss – Butler and Jasper share their views on the artist. Tumblr – a mecca of pornography – amateur or otherwise.

Music – Ace Frehley, Joey Ramone, Tesla, Alice Cooper.

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Good Clean Ass-Trology

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Jasper and Butler talk about rock, Christmas, work, girls, sex and take calls from friends of the show.

Good Clean DJ Jasper

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Rolling Stones 100 Greatest Guitar Players of All Time. Jasper’s new side-gig – DJ’ing and his new found love for 70’s glam. Beer of the week with Jerry the Metal Guy – Boner Sunkissed Wheat Belgian style ale. The Rolling Stones – The hosts discuss their discography. Jasper goes through all the phases of the band’s career starting from the early 1960’s. Which inspires Butler to do a track by track of their 1978 release Some Girls with bonus tracks. The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and other good TV shows.

Music – Andrew WK, Slade, The Rolling Stones, Dokken.

Good Clean Love Test

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Butler’s impending divorce. Or Not! Danzig and Murder City Devils perform at the FunFunFun Fest Austin music festival, Jasper attends. We listen to some of the programming on Mevio . Good Cop Bad Cop – The two critique some of the shows on Mevio. Podcasters who complain too much.

The business plan that makes no money – the master explains by reading a long online thread written by professionals. Jasper speaks about business 101 The Butlers played the side stage at The Bone Bash with Judas Priest , Thin Lizzy , Black Label Society . Beer review by Jerry the Metal GuyGuinness Black Lager . 17 year old sick cat shits in the girlfriend’s shoes and boyfriend cleans it – A story of True Love. Butler suggests a new segment for the show – What would you do for love? How far would you go and indulge in sick sexuality and nastiness to please her? Email your feedback to Butler or Jasper or call in at 706-621-ROCK. Dexter , The Walking Dead , American Horror Story – all better shows than True Blood. Jasper rates Dexter the best of all. Differences between the Walking Dead comic book series and the TV show. Butler confesses his love for the zombie genre. Jasper expounds some personal theories about Dexter story-lines and plot points. And the parallels with Fight Club and Batman . Would you do a woman with a tramp stamp ? Butler wants to know.

Music – The Darkness , The Cult , Towers of London , Vain , High Tension Wires , Anthrax .

Return To The Planet of Good Clean Fun 2011

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After a long long time, the hosts have a heart to heart and indulge in some man on man love. The Rock & Roll Geek Show is the longest running podcast in history and should be in the Guinness Book of World Records. Jasper speaks about the frustration when interviewing for well paying jobs. But he endorses the music of Electric Six and recommends them as a live act. Butler speaks about the active live schedule of The Butlers and FeatherWitch and their upcoming gig with Judas Priest and Thin Lizzy at the Concord Pavilion. Butler name drops D-Generation after checking out their awesome live show with Michael Monroe. Band Stories – Jasper and Butler share a few. A long discussion ensues about bands still on major labels. Jasper applauds the song writing skills of The BitersSouth By Southwest – Does it change the way bands do their live shows? Is it the competition? Beer review with Jerry the Metal Guy – Flying Dog Woody Creek Weiss Belgian style beer People who move to Los Angeles in search of fame turn into douchebags or pornstars. heart2heart – the new project by Lance Bass of N’Sync. Why did this come up on Good Clean Fun? Listen to find out. Are words understood differently by men and women? Butler sheds some light on the topic based on personal experience. The talk moves on to TV show Dexter and Emo Girl Martina Butler makes an emotional appearance.

Music – Nazareth, D-Generation, Riverboat Gamblers, The Descendants.

Good Clean Obese Psychic

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Hex Dispensers – Jasper plugs a high school band. Zinc, coconut water and L-Arginin – Butler talks about nutrients. Hiring practices at retailers – ageism, credit checks, background checks and more speculation. Science experiments with sex organs. Do hot chicks really tune in for Jasper’s sex talk? How do you increase the viscosity and density of your sperm to plaster your walls – Butler ruminates. The new Netflix aka Qwikster – How is it? Beer review with Jerry the Metal Guy – Flying Dog ( Woody Creek Weiss Belgian Style Wheat beer ( Emo Girl Martina Butler gate crashes the room to offer Jasper some advice on marital bliss and spousal fidelity, physical boundaries with friends and other good stuff. Butler calls a real psychic live on the show ( The segment is an hour long. Was this a good segment or Morning Zoo Douchebaggery?

Music – The Biters, J.Geils Band, Screeching Weasel.

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Good Clean Suicide Watch

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Michael Butler is really sad. Beer review by Jerry the Metal Guy – Alamo Golden Ale – Texas ( ) A Techno cover of Cheap Trick? Alice Cooper – Welcome 2 My Nightmare . Hear a mini track by track ? Ke$ha is a big Alice Cooper fan?? For the third time in a row – Jasper speaks about his plans for fun fun fun fest. The heart and soul of The Alice Cooper band – read the Michael Bruce book to find out. Texas – the biggest nanny state in the union. Jasper – a recently relocated resident from Detroit, Michigan explains why. This coming from a dude who likes to stick it to the man and is sympathetic to anti government militias. Butler recommends Modern Problems with Chevy Chase and Dabney Colemen as one of the most underrated films ever. Mel Brooks is a genius too so says Michael Butler. Is the Rock & Roll geek responsible for slavery?
Music – Alice Cooper, Riverboat Gamblers, The Rolling Stones.
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and with Good Clean Fun in the subject line and audio comments at 706-621-ROCK

Good Clean Morning Zoo Intern

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Sex Talk – Vibrating panties. Fun Fun Fun Fest ( ) Suzi Quattro, Bebe Beull’s ( upcoming album ‘Sugar’. Spotify in the US. The reunion of Anthrax with Joey Belladonna. Jasper’s lack of self confidence. If someone is winding you up it means they like you so says Butler. Email from Danny Borden. People on youtube with pacifiers, vampire porn, zombies. Flush The Fashion (1981) Alice Cooper’s underrated New Wave album. Emo Girl Martina Butler stops by to speak about her 4 am internship at 997 Radio ( ) Jasper bemoans the conformism of mainstream radio. Request hours are a hoax, the playlist is a software program. But Jackie Hollywood’s Weekend Hitlist is da bomb ( ). All you Emo Girl fans out there – Martina Butler crosses the PG-13 threshold and actually swears on this show and kicks some Borgman butt. Douchebag clip of the week featuring Jasper Borgman. Fernando the Cabana Boy and Greg the Poolboy – The most popular show on 997now radio – The Crew Dissect. True Blood gets more confusing, lame and stupid. Do Sluts deserve respect? Shark Night 3D – The movie event of 2011. Beer review with Jerry the Metal Guy – A Bonus on the Iphone App.

Music – Alice Cooper, Riverboat Gamblers.

Good Clean Sex Clubs

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hebobscott ( calls in to discuss wives, girlfriends, and visiting sex clubs. Butler plays Dr. Phil and dissects his claims Jasper plays resident stoner and zones out. Butler plugs the new Riverboat Gamblers EP titled Smash Grab. Jasper talks about the line-up at Fun Fun Fun Fest ( and raves about Danzig doing a legacy set that includes Misfits and Samhain songs. And The Damned playing on american shores after so many years. The line-up for the fest is incredible and turnout should be fantastic, Butler wants to fly down to Texas for it. Butler bemoans the fact the San Francisco is not Rock city. Artists that fill up arenas around the country struggle to fill small theatres in San Francisco. The talk moves on to the rapidly declining True Blood series. Butler still appreciates the feminine nudity but hates the hokey storylines. Dexter – What a great show! Should mother of the century Casey Anthony release a sex tape? Mevio’s large video production at Los Angeles – Butler sheds some light. Beer review by Jerry the Metal Guy – Oatmeal Stout by Breckenridge Brewery (

Music – Riverboat Gamblers, Warrant.

Good Clean Drunk Driving Tips

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Which interview excited Michael Butler the most? Was it Ted Nugent, Angry Anderson of Rose Tattoo, Dee Snider, UFO, the guys from Nazareth, Who? Butler speaks about his new purchase – a Cherry Hagstrom Swede bass ( ). Jasper chimes in and speaks about buying musical gear in general. Active vs Passive Pick-Ups for Bass Guitars – Butler wonders. The talk moves to Jasper’s 37th birthday bash. TV Shows – Weeds, True Blood, Game of Thrones. Which one makes you a dumber person? Netflix – their streaming service and other things. Beer review by Jerry the Metal Guy – Ace Apple Hard Cider ( ). Another beer review by the drunk Jeremiah – Butler explains how you can escape getting pulled over for drunk driving. Rule No. 1 – Do not drive thru alleys. Jasper explains how he mourns when folks who leave audio comments do not name drop him. Emo Girl Martina Butler stops by to speak about the latest episode of True Blood. Movies, The Final Destination series and the upcoming flick, The True Blood novels vs the TV Show, marketing and social networking – The trio discuss.

Music – Queen, Screeching Weasel, Ted Nugent, D-Generation, Iggy Pop.

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